Snippets of Inspiration

If my thoughts could think,

I think they’d think a lot.

They’d contemplate all sorts of things,

Like whether What is Not.

They’d dance around and have some fun,

And then they’d break for tea,

They’d talk about the weather,

Then scamper back to me.

This is from another blog which I came across, quirky but I like it! –

A post a came across while looking through blogs:

“Your book may not be the Great American Novel.

Write it anyway.

Your friends may tell you you’re wasting your time.

Write your book anyway.

It may not become a bestseller.

Write it anyway.

It might get reviews so bad they make you cry all night.

Write it anyway.

It may hit the top of the charts, and your family still won’t be impressed.

Write it anyway.

You may sell ten million copies, and still meet people who have never heard of you.

Write it anyway.

People may misinterpret it.

Write your book anyway.

You may look at it one day and cringe in embarrassment.

Write it anyway.

If you’ve gotten this far, you may as well just finish it, because all these scenarios will continue to live on in your mind

Whether you write it or not.”

I truly love this post!

I took these today while on a wander around The Hague – some pretty interesting sculptures that’s for sure!


One response to “Snippets of Inspiration

  1. I once had a song I titled “Thoughts of a Wandering Mind”… therefore your blog name has instantly gone up a notch by merely having similar thoughts….

    and OH what’s this? you’ve gone up another peg for me just noticing a shamrock ring on the background picture 😛 haha

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