Some Random Thoughts on Music

Stay Together For The Kids – Blink182 (Press for the song which goes with the post)

She twirled – “its not right” – round and round – “so here’s your holiday” – and round – “you gave it all away”. A gentle smile caressed her face, as if remembering those times were almost pleasant. For how far had she come, how little had she known then, that things would get better – “its hard to wake up, when the shades have been pulled shut”. And now the mountain was conquered. The air was clear. 

I could feel him looking at me – twirling around the room with my eyes shut – but I felt so liberated that all I wanted was to pull him within this glow I was feeling. The divorce, those times, they seemed so long ago now. A previous life enfolded into this one, a piece of my whole. How to bring him into my wonderful boundless peace? How to help him as I was helped. By those simple words in a song. Those simple words.

Oh music, your power, your grace. Bringing up tears that are not my own. They belong to the world, to the trove of human experience. Fire may be our most important discovery – but music, music makes us human.

Perhaps this post requires some explanation – especially considering my absence from the blogging world for so many months. There are certain songs, which I associate with certain times in my life. I listened to them back then to help me process what I was going through, whether good or bad. And now I listen to them and remember that person I was, how far I have travelled – and it fills me with such peace. Sometimes because now I am different, and sometimes because I am still the same. So my idea with this piece is that when you read it, you should listed to the song it refers to at the same time. An experiment of mine to see whether it endows the words with greater meaning – so I would be glad to know what you think.

They say that the songs you listened to when you were at the beginning of your teens hold a special place with you for the rest of your life, because they were the first choices you made about music yourself, not influenced by your parents or anyone else. You chose them – so they remain with you. I’m sure everyone must have songs like that. 



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4 responses to “Some Random Thoughts on Music

  1. I would never have put you down as a Blink fan. They were that first teen band for me and through my change in music tastes, the maturing of my love of all music, their songs remain amongst my most favourite. I know I can always go back to one of their albums to recreate a feeling, change my mood, reminisce or just simply enjoy the sonic sensations.

    • Emma

      I’m not that big a Blink fan to be honest – its just this song and “Miss you” which have stayed with me. And enjoy the sonic sensations is right 🙂

  2. Greeneyes

    I loved this! and i do the very same thing….music reminds me of where i have been, what i was doing …and where i plan to go…great post!

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