To sleep per chance to dream

Have you ever obsessed over a phrase? It runs round and around in your mind like a child playing in a revolving door – round and round, to sleep, to sleep – per chance to dream, to dream. There is no more meaning to be found in the words, no depth of understanding which I gain from this repetition – but my mind is unable to let them go. Perhaps it hears what my simple ears do not. It feels like a mantra vibrating through me, a rhythmic movement dancing in my soul. Its consuming.

And then just as suddenly as the words captivated me, they fall away, and the silence is at once oppressive and a relief. I’m free to occupy myself with other thoughts. But I am left wandering whether there was something I should have gained from this manic repetition – or whether my mind was simple bored and off on a frolic of its own.

Over a week I’ve been away from blogging – I haven’t even been following any blogs! Shame on me. But here I am again, trying to get back on schedule. I scribbled these ideas on the first note pad I could find in the bar where I work, that’s generally how I do things. A simple post maybe, but this happens to me fairly often – almost like having a song stuck in your head but it is phrases instead. I was just intrigued about how the mind can be so consumed with only a few chosen words for no apparent reason. This time it was ‘To sleep per chance to dream” – a quote I haven’t heard since high school – funny how the mind remembers….



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5 responses to “To sleep per chance to dream

  1. wonderingmind

    Knowing there is nothing deeper, nothing ‘behind’ the words; my mind fools itself (and/or myself) into believing there must be -something- about those words. The brain taking on the role of safe-cracker, cracking the words but knowing the safe is empty. Or isn’t it? Be it single words, small phrases or larger sentences, ideas or concepts; perhaps the safe-cracker is out of work and has to keep his skills up, cracking empty saves as a form of exercise to keep in shape.

    Although I have no clue to why this occurs, all I know for now is I can strongly relate to what you’ve written here in your post. It can occupy my mind for the better part of a day, sink down and bubble up again at any given moment. Lets see if I can apply for psychology classes 😉

  2. Maybe in these words are the subconscious is offering a clue, like it does in dreams, that something needs to be explored in writing? I don’t think this has happened to me. My writing springs more from vague feelings that sometimes take on vague images. Much of the time they lead nowhere, but if I’m lucky I can get a momentum rolling. I’ve tried to do “writing practice” with phrases and bits of memory and trigger words, but I have better luck moving my way into story with them. Writing prompts, wherever they come from, don’t work for me. 😦 Interesting post.

    • Emma

      Thanks for the comment! The opposite is true for me – I can write a whole piece from one prompting word. Fascinating how the mind makes all those links – like the progress of my thoughts mapping out on a page. Interesting how not everyone is the same though 🙂

  3. It’s funny how just a few words can captivate your mind like that.
    Then, it doesn’t matter how you try to explain them, or add to them – it doesn’t sound right and you’re left frustrated because you WANT to add to them, you want to give them more meaning but – nothing.


    Life sucks like that.


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