Happiness is a choice we make

“Happiness is a choice we make”

The challenge of life is having the strength to make that choice everyday. Its easy to be happy when the world is conspiring in your favour, but things aren’t always so brightly coloured. When it feels as if you are seeing the world through grey tinted glasses, ill fitting so that the outlook is distorted, then the choice is hardest. Simply leaving on the spectacles and waiting for the world to brighten up on its own seems the easiest choice. But that is not the best choice – being happy is something we can chose, it is not something which happens to us. Putting your hands to your face and removing the distortions from your sight is something we all have the power to do. Happy people aren’t lucky people, they are determined people.

Hello wonderful readers, and thanks to everyone who has been commenting – I love reading other people’s thoughts on things. As with most of my posts, this reflects a little of my thinking at the moment. When I feel my spirits drooping I chant this like I motto: “Happiness is a choice we make”. It brightens my day somewhat – isn’t that what we all want?



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7 responses to “Happiness is a choice we make

  1. j

    “Happy people aren’t lucky people, they are determined people.” I loved this bit…happiness is not something that just happens, we have a part to play to make it happen.

  2. Determined people never give up on their dreams and goals and they are happier. Great job!

  3. frangipani6181

    Yet again another inspiring piece 🙂 There is a really good point there with the “Happy people aren’t lucky people, they are determined people”, this is so true, thank you for helping me see happiness like this. 🙂

  4. But when I take my glasses off I can’t see a damn thing! 😉

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