Where do fallen angels go?

Aren’t we all angels?

And what we think angels to be are merely reflections of who we want to be?

And when angels fall, isn’t that us falling from our idea of grace?

Angels are an embodiment of perfect goodness, a personification of the divine.

“Angels are in a better place”

No. Angels live among us. Some more disguised than others.

Lack of self-knowledge will lead us to believe that we are evil, and what a horrible word that is.

And though an angel may fall from grace, the abyss into which they fall has no end called evil – just loss, loss of self.

Evil was invented to represent that which we fear in ourselves…

So now we have angels and devils

Two extremes of a compass

What we want and what we don’t

– Are we the in between?

I wrote this piece a long time ago and just rediscovered it. It was just some ideas which came to me as I was sitting waiting for someone, staring out into space. At the moment I’m just working at night and sleeping in the day, so I haven’t had much time to go out and find inspiring things to write about. And the weather has been horrible, so I don’t want my writing to reflect my resentment at this so called summer. I don’t have a photo for this mainly because I wrote it so long ago, and I like to place photos with posts that are linked to them in some way, either by subject matter or what I was doing or feeling at the time I wrote it. So I’ve kept it simple. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!



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4 responses to “Where do fallen angels go?

  1. You may have written it a long time ago, but it is still very relevant. Your thoughts on the subject are very interesting and I can find examples in my own life that fit your ideas.
    Thanks for sharing your “aged” angel thoughts. There are always people in search of angels. I wrote a post on angels way back in February and that post still comes up with more hits on some days then my new ones.
    Thoughts of Angels are very comforting.

  2. j

    The tensions of living in between, on of wonder, one of terror, but a beautiful depiction of being just human, capable of living in both worlds, being angels and at times devils…but more or less just in between.

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