I have a gift for solitude. I do not dread it like the lonely do. One is never lonely if one’s heart is soaring, expanding into the empty space which the departing others have left behind. Capabilities for thought stretch and feel into the corners of the empty house, finding ideas not previously explored. I become Queen of my domain, the domain of my mind. And so my thoughts flow through my pen onto the paper and for a while the world makes perfect sense. Not because I have come to see an impeccable order in things, but because I find peace in the lack of order.

Sink, sink down into the crevices of the mind and creativity will bubble up, flowing through a pen as a river is pulled towards the ocean – as if by gravity. It matters not really what words spring from this solitary wandering into creativity – as long as what you find is a way to understand what’s around you. After all – you need not share them.

It feels good to be writing again! Such a long absence from the blogging interwaves has done me no good at all. But uni drained me of the energy for writing, and just about everything else. But it makes me feel alive to set pen to paper again, and this piece is about those moments whenI have to sit down and write, or I feel like I might explode. I’ve been settling into my new home in The Hague, and yesterday was one of the first days when I have had the space and time to sit and relish solitude, without feeling the need to drown out the silence with TV or music. So here it is, my first post on the re launch of “ideas of a wandering mind”!



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2 responses to “Solitude

  1. Good to see you back again =]

  2. Mum

    Yay, Emma’s back!!!

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